Amazing Features of Windows that Made it Successful | Best features

Windows is one of the most popular operating systems in the world, and it continues to thrive.
There are many features that make Windows unique. Some of these features include a userfriendly interface, touch screen capabilities and a variety of different software programs to
choose from.
Windows Hello
Windows 10 makes the use of a password as a means of authentication obsolete. On suitable
devices, the new Windows Hello feature is able to recognize a user and start their session using
biometric face, iris or fingerprint authentication.
Xbox app integration
The integration of the Xbox app and Xbox Live into Windows 10 helps bring the platform’s
catalog of games to Windows 10 tablets and PCs.The Xbox app will enable multiplayer and
cross-platform gaming between Xbox One and the PC. Users will also be able to communicate
with their friends on the Xbox One, play on their PC in streaming from their Xbox One console,
share content, etc.
Multitasking features and task display
Windows 10 introduces “virtual desktops”, a feature quite similar to Spaces on OS X. Virtual
desktops allow users to be more productive, by giving them the ability to create multiple
workspaces with each virtual desktop, and bundle apps and content specific to the job they want
to do. This feature avoids having too many applications and files open on a single workstation.
The new “Task View” button on the taskbar displays all open applications and files, to navigate
easily and quickly from one to another and have direct access to all open workstations.
Universal applications
Whether running on a PC, tablet, smartphone, or Xbox, Windows 10 is built on the same core.
This has allowed Microsoft to offer a single application platform for developers, whether
developing a game or a productivity application. Developers will be able to create universal
Windows apps that work intuitively across multiple device types.
Moreover, Microsoft is setting an example by integrating new applications developed under the
“Universal App Platform” into Windows 10. The Photos, Videos, Music, Maps, People, Mail and
Calendar apps offer the same experience regardless of device. Users will be able to start a task
on one device and finish it on another, thanks to the synchronization provided by the OneDrive
The action center
The center of notifications (Action Center) was entitled to a makeover. It has received several
improvements and sports a redesigned interface. Accessible from a shortcut on the right side of
the taskbar, it displays all application and operating system alerts.
For some applications, it will be possible to respond directly from the Action Center. In addition,
it offers a shortcut to activate connectivity options and other settings such as screen brightness
and contrast.
Windows is a popular operating system for personal computers. The OS is currently available in
three different versions: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7. It has been through many
iterations, each with a variety of enhancements to make your PC computing experience better
than ever before