Best Project Management Tools for Remote Working | Manage projects remotely

With the rise of digital technologies and the advent of remote working, project management tools have become an essential tool for any business. We need to do a deep dive on all the project management tools available for remote working. They are not just about managing projects, but also about monitoring progress and ensuring that no one is left behind.

A project management tool is a software application that helps in the planning and execution of projects. There are several tools that can be used to manage projects remotely. 


Trello is an online project management tool that allows you to better organize yourself visually and assign employees the different tasks they have to accomplish. The basic version, limited in features while still being widely usable for simple projects, is free. The paid version allows you to use additional services and above all to integrate the tool with other software solutions such as Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Slack, SumUp and many others, in order to create a complete work environment.


Having a video conferencing tool is good. But being able to plan videoconferences with colleagues and collaborators is better! Doodle offers precisely this type of service, simply and quickly. It is possible to suggest dates on a calendar, invite participants and select the best proposal, once everyone’s availability is known. The free version of Doodle is functional enough for small structures, but a paid Premium version is also offered with other interesting options such as a reminder system or end-of-survey planning.

Software to manage your work


Evernote is a free cross-platform application (desktop and smartphones) offering the possibility of noting in the form of text, photo or audio everything that crosses your mind. It’s also a great tool for filing notes or capturing ideas, and generally staying well organized. A paid Premium version, offering the possibility of synchronizing and sharing files, is also available.


Toggle is a software for tracking and reporting the time spent on a task or a project, so it is perfect for organizing the time spent on each project, and more generally for analyzing its productivity, even when you are working remotely. The service is available through desktop and mobile apps and through an online service. Like most of the software in this selection, Toggl can be used free of charge for basic use, while paid versions enrich the list of features and adapt more for more important professional needs.


Whether you are teleworking or not, a password manager is always essential! Dashlane saves time managing your login and payment credentials, while protecting your passwords and other sensitive data. Multiplatform (Windows, macOS, smartphones), the software is free within the limit of 50 passwords and a single connected device