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What to do when windows is corrupted? | Damaged Windows 10

A corrupted file is that which is not working properly. This can happen to any file from program to documents file and documents to system

Best Software’s for School Management | Administration softwares

A tool to efficiently manage all administrative and pedagogical activities is school management software. On a single platform, it enables schools to digitally administer and

Best Software’s to Manage Office Task | Task Management

Managing work in the “new normal” presents its own set of difficulties and requires us to pick up new skills and modify our equipment. It

Windows 10 time sync with time.windows.com | Sync the clock manually

Automatic clock synchronization is a useful feature which is present in Windows 10. Unfortunately, few users are having some issues with clock synchronization and are

Best Project Management Tools for Remote Working | Manage projects remotely

With the rise of digital technologies and the advent of remote working, project management tools have become an essential tool for any business. We need

How to Clear App Cache and Data from Android | Clear cache

Once this sorting is done, you can still save storage space by emptying the cache of applications that are essential to you on a daily

Telecommuting: the best free or paid software and services for working remotely | Telecommunicating Software

After the forced obligation to telecommute during the confinements, some companies have kept this pace of work or have adapted it according to the requests

The best free software to classify and sort your photos | Best photo organizing software

Do you have hundreds of photos to classify? Here are some free tools that will help you with this task. Is your hard drive starting

Are you able to recognize a phishing attack? | Spot Phishing emails

Depending on the target of the attack, this data can be user credentials or bank details. They are obtained by means of a false link

How to find out if the email you received is phishing? | Spot phishing emails

One detail that you should take into account when detecting if an email is phishing is the sender’s address. Less careful cybercriminals will not even

Windows Defender: How to Configure Windows 10 Antivirus | Windows defender

Windows 10 comes with an antivirus installed by default. This is Windows Defender, which if properly configured can protect you against malware and other types

The Most Effective Method to Transfer Data from Phone to Phone Easily | Transferring from phone to phone

Phone transferring app is a very important and a beneficial phone data transfer app when it comes to transferring all your data to your new

Protect Yourself From Online Security Attacks | Cyber security

Security software is the first line of defense. These programs warn the user that they are not really on their bank’s website even though everything

Keen Launcher 5 Vs. Niagara Launcher | Best Android Launchers

Keen Launcher 5 is a launcher application that has been around for some time and is loaded with incredible highlights – like naturally arranging your

The Different Ways To Create An App | Build an app

Now in this article, you will learn about how to create an app without programming skills and the different ways to create an app with

Windows 11: Microsoft ejects incompatible PCs from its Insider program | Microsoft 11

Microsoft has decided to stop allowing computers running Windows 10 to be used as part of its Insider program. This means that the software will

How to Solve Windows Update Error 80072efe | Fix windows update error

The “Windows update error 80072efe” error occurs due to a connection interruption between your computer and the Windows Update servers. The 80072EFE error usually appears

How to Clean Junk from PC | Clean your pc

People often forget that the Windows operating system has a junk folder that collects all unnecessary files and folders. But this is a pain because

How to Use Cleaner Software for Windows 10 | Way of using cleaner software

Is your PC getting slower and slower? Nothing shocking in that: the repeated installation of software or add-ons, a few successive crashes (due to overheating

Windows 10: The Best Tips and Tricks for Using Cortana | Tips and tricks for Cortana

Cortana is a voice assistant that offers to help you with all your daily tasks. To access it, it’s very simple: the assistant is housed