How to Use Cleaner Software for Windows 10 | Way of using cleaner software

Is your PC getting slower and slower? Nothing shocking in that: the repeated installation of
software or add-ons, a few successive crashes (due to overheating of the CPU, for example),
and now the computer is showing severe signs of slowing down.
Before you panic and go into a complete reinstallation of Windows, there are several serious
treatments to give your configuration a good facelift. And you don’t need to invest a penny in
acquiring these solutions: they are all free.
In addition, they are not “time-consuming”: in less than ten minutes, you should be able to
refurbish everything. We promise you won’t have to spend a lot of time there. A small series of
checkboxes, a few buttons to press, and everything automatically takes place.
AdwCleaner: remove adware
When you surf or install new software, it is possible (even very likely) that small unwanted
programs take the opportunity to set up on your PC. These programs are adware, software that
displays advertising within your applications. To quickly remove them from your computer, an
excellent solution is AdwCleaner.
This software passed under the bosom of MalwareBytes a few years ago begins by scanning
your system, then automatically eradicates all the adware that it will have found. After a short
restart of the PC, here you are at the computer‘s controls devoid of any adware.
Use Windows 10 Service Tool
First of all, and before downloading anything, remember that Windows 10 has a whole battery of
tools to clean the PC instantly. To access it, click the Start button on the taskbar, then go to the
Settings icon. Then click on the Home function, then on Storage.
Check the Storage assistant option: Windows will regularly delete the temporary files that clutter
your hard drive or SSD from now on. If you want the operation to start immediately, click Free
up space now.
Still, via the cleaning tool built into Windows, click on the function Change the way we free up
space automatically. Remove previous versions of the Windows feature.
This option has the effect of erasing all traces of a previous installation of Windows after ten
days. It should save you several gigabytes of hard drive space (on average, 4 GB). Press the
Clean Now button to start the big clean.
Revo Uninstaller: uninstall all traces of a driver or
You may have already uninstalled a program and found traces of it on your PC. It uninstalls a
program in depth in all the machine’s folders.
Often the files are scattered all over the system, and some are hidden in hidden folders
(AppData, for example). This software is there to find and delete them.
For example, Windows tends to blow up specific printer drivers during updates (making the
latter unusable).
With Revo Uninstaller, you can remove the slightest trace to reinstall the drivers cleanly and get
the printer working again.
And if you have uninstalled a little brutally (delete the files without going through the
uninstallation wizard), don’t panic; Revo Uninstaller can delete simple file residues (that other
programs do not detect ), even if the complete program is missing from the missing