Telecommuting: the best free or paid software and services for working remotely | Telecommunicating Software

After the forced obligation to telecommute during the confinements, some companies have kept this pace of work or have adapted it according to the requests of the employees. But to really improve the conditions of telework, it is necessary to optimize this new digital space. To do this, we have brought together a selection of essential tools and services for working effectively from home.

Working remotely therefore involves a series of adjustments not only in terms of the pace of life, the workplace, but also the personal and professional obligations that must cohabit in the same space. For your personal organization, some essential advice such as setting up a desk, choosing a good chair or setting up time slots are to be put into practice. For your digital work, we have grouped together the main tools, software and programs intended to simplify your life and allow you to work better remotely.

Instant messaging and video conferencing tools

Impossible not to start with the unbeatable Slack : this collaboration and project management platform allows a company to exchange files, chat live with collaborators or even work in real time on the same data. This tool makes it possible to optimize and simplify communication between employees by doing away with internal emails for the exchange of data and information. Slack also integrates video conferencing features and, above all, can integrate many software such as Microsoft 365 , Zoom, Google Drive, Asana , Twitter and many other services. All your tools can thus be grouped together in a collaborative workspace and adapted to your needs.


Skype remains the reference software for VoIP and videoconferencing. It allows you to make free calls, and can serve as a basis for collaborative work, especially its Enterprise version integrated with Teams, Microsoft’s collaborative communication service. Multiplatform, Skype allows you to stay in touch with your employees from any workstation, whether you are teleworking, at home or in the office.


Multi-platform (Windows, Android, iOS and macOS), WhatsApp is a free instant messenger that allows you to communicate with your collaborators, by making calls or sending messages. It is also possible to share photos, videos, audio messages and of course files. Employees have adopted WhatsApp for its ease of use and the possibility of making video call rooms with up to 50 participants.


Indispensable since confinement, Zoom is a free instant messaging and videoconferencing service compatible with many platforms. Conferences can accommodate up to 100 connected users, all with an easy-to-access interface. Its exchange encryption system has won over many companies, who have seen it as an interesting alternative to Google Meet and Skype.


Like the previous software, Whereby is a communication and videoconferencing tool (paying, a demo version is however available), with the advantage of not needing to install software on your computer (a small app is however necessary to use it on a smartphone). It is also possible to share your screen and take advantage of the integrated instant messaging system.