The Most Effective Method to Transfer Data from Phone to Phone Easily | Transferring from phone to phone

Phone transferring app is a very important and a beneficial phone data transfer app when it
comes to transferring all your data to your new phone. Phone transferring is like copy pasting
your entire data into a new phone. Phone transfer ensures the safe transfer of all your important
files, personal images and videos in your new cell phone.
All your data is securely and safely transferred in one day through this Wonder share transfer
1. Why Should You Consider Transferring Data between Smartphone Devices?
When you buy a new phone or received a phone as a gift from someone like your office or
family. When you graduate from high school and your parents give you a phone as appreciation
or your brother visits another country and brings a mobile for you. So it is important to get all
your necessary possessions like files, voice notes, contacts and other useful apps and stuff in the
new phone. This is where you need a transferring to easily transfer all the necessities to your
Having a useful transferring app will allow to easily copy paste your entire phone to the new one.
If you bought or got an IPhone and was previously an Android user, then transferring app will
help you transfer all data from your android to your iPhone. The transferring between
smartphone through an is much easier than any other way.
2. Mobile Solution – Wondershare MobileTrans for Transferring Data between Phone
to Phone
Wondershare Mobile Trans for transferring data is a phone to phone transfer app which allows
you to securely transfer all your memories and necessities to your new phone. Wondershare app
is the accessible and reliable app to depend upon when choosing to transfer your data. It can be
used to transfer data from android to iPhone and vice versa. The app has other multiple features
to aid you in other types of transferring and easy transfer to your new mobile.
The following steps are required to launch the app and start transferring:
st step: Download Mobile Trans Application
First of all, download the application on both of the devices. After installing the app launch it
and select the statement “This is an Old phone” on the font phone and “This is the New Phone”
on your new phone. Choose from one of the methods, you can either choose QR Code, iCloud
methods and Wi-Fi, all of these methods are used to start the transferring process.
nd step: transferring Files to the New Phone
After successfully connecting your phones, you can choose all the necessary files on the old or
font phone that you would like to transfer. Press the Send button and all your files will be
successfully sent to your new phone.
Wondershare mobile trans app has One click transfer data feature to transfer all your data in just
a click. This app is convenient for remote sharing and sharing files with your family and friends.
It also has multiple features including:
WhatsApp Transfer
Mobile Trans App is efficient and simple app that allows you to easily share your WhatsApp data
between iPhone or Android devices. WhatsApp transfer allows you to share emoji’s, videos,
images, files or any kind of media or phone data to another phone through WhatsApp.
Business WhatsApp Transfer
Business WhatsApp data can be easily transferred from android to iPhone and vice versa. The
app easily and securely delivers the files, images, location and voice notes. Transfer messages
from android to iphone.
Sharing Files
Sharing files with your friends, family or anyone cannot be easier as this app has made it for you.
Any kind of files can be sent to another phone by simply clicking “Copy my Data”.
3. Wondershare MobileTrans for Desktop – Quick Method to Transfer Data
Mobile Trans app also enables their users to transfer data through desktop as well. the mobile
trans app provide this efficient way for people who usually use their desktops to transfer data to
their phones. The following steps will help you transfer data into phones through desktop.
Step 1: Open the Mobile Trans App on the Desktop
Begin by installing the app on your destop and choose the “Phone Transfer” icon to proceed
further. This option will start the Phone Transfering line of the Mobile Trans Toolkit and proceed
with the transfer.
Step 2: Computer should be connected with both of the phones
Connecting both of the mobiles with the computer is essential, you can connect the phone
through a USB cable and use the switch icon if there is connection issue. The Flip button will
allow to change the Font and Target phones. All the selected data will be securely transferred to
the target phone.
Step 3: Start Transfer after Choosing the file type
Choose the file types and the files you want to transfer and press the Start action button. it will
immediately start transferring the files. Do not disconnect or try removing the phone during the
transferring process.
Choose the Clear data option if you wish to erase the already existing data on the targeted phone.
After the transfer is complete check the targeted phone to check whether all the files are
completely received