What to do when windows is corrupted? | Damaged Windows 10

A corrupted file is that which is not working properly. This can happen to any file from program to
documents file and documents to system file. File corruption can be happen because of so many reasons
that may be system crashes; it may be due to defective storage drives and malware.
Corrupted files can be fixed by using CMD commands such as DISM and SFC. We may also use the built
in startup Repair and system Restore features. In the last you can reset your PC to get rid of file
corruption. Here we will discuss the steps what to do when windows is corrupted.

Using DISM for system repair

DISM is stands for Deployment Image Servicing and Management. It is one of the best tool in the market
to help in fixing your problem. DISM can fix your problem both offline and online. But it is necessary to
run DISM as an administrator. The main difference between DISM and SFC is that SFC can detect the
problem but can’t fix that by itself but DISM can. If DISM report that the problem has been detected and
it is repairable then you must attempt repair. Let the program to finish properly by following all steps
one by one even if errors were detected the program should be complete run. DISM supports rafts of
capabilities but basic file repair syntax is comparatively easy. All the commands should be function as
per instructions. You should always run DISM first and then SFC not vice versa. DISM is like Swiss Army
Knife which works with windows operating system images.

Using SFC for system repair

You can also use SFC for system repair. SFC stands for Microsoft’s System File Checker. As like DISM, SFC
also runs as an Administrator. In SFC you will start the setup to run and then follow the instructions and
keep the setup to be completed. It may take 5 to 10 minutes; you will follow the all necessary
instructions and let the setup to complete. SFC scans your PC for any corrupted file and fixes it by itself.
As my experience 80% problems will be solved after using DISM or SFC but if, still problem arise you may
follow the next step.

Window Startup Repair

You can also use window startup repair if you feel that your system is taking much time to boot up. Its
just simple go to the restart option and click the restart button. This will not take much time and will be
done automatically and you are not need to perform many functions. It is very easy just up to one

Windows System Restore

By using window restore feature you can easily revert the condition of your PC to the previous as it was.
To avail this option it is necessary you must have created a restore point in the past. Unfortunately, if
there is not any restore point then you are unable to avail this feature as it’s vital. Some app or window
OS could be possible have created a restore point by automatically then you will be lucky to use it.