Windows 10: Mastering Microsoft Edge | Windows 10

Thanks to the Fall Creators Update of Windows 10, we have the possibility of integrating notes
into PDF or EPUB files. To do this, simply open such a document in Microsoft Edge: a small
icon symbolized by a pen at the top right indicates that you can edit the file in question.
You also can create small drawings anywhere in the file and draw using your finger on the
screen. Once your document has been edited, you are free to save the result to find your
document later.
How do I add extensions to Microsoft Edge?
Since the Anniversary Update, it is possible to add different features to Microsoft Edge. To do
this, open the browser, and click on the […] symbol located at the top right. Then go to the
Extensions feature and click on Get extensions from the Windows Store.
You then have access to small modules, which allow you, for example, to remove advertising
from web pages (Adblock or Adblock Plus), translate a page (Microsoft Translator) instantly, or
use only one password. To connect to all your favorite sites (LastPass).
How do I switch to the reading mode in Edge?
Microsoft Edge has introduced a new way to view web pages, which allows you to focus on text
only. This reading mode is accessible from the button symbolized by the book, located to the
right of the address bar.
This function makes it possible to remove certain advertisements from the page (but not all) and
remove all the navigation frames on the site while preserving the photos and the text of an
article. Finally, note that it is accessible on almost any page type, except site opening pages.
How to view a page while disconnected?
Follow these simple steps if you come across a web page and want to check it out later and
offline. Click on the small mentioned star at the top right of the Microsoft Edge interface.
Then select the Playlist icon and press the Add button. To later find the web pages saved in this
way, click on the icon represented by three horizontal lines (to the star’s right). Here you find all
the pages that you can consult offline.
How to see a site on another device?
When on a site, click on the […] button located at the top right. Then click on the Play media on
the device function. If you have a DLNA or Miracast compatible device (such as a television),
the image from your browser will be instantly retransmitted to it.
Enough to watch YouTube videos on the big screen, for example. Nevertheless, a small
clarification is necessary: it is not possible to replay a protected video (DRM). Therefore, it is
impossible to launch a Netflix video on Microsoft Edge to play it directly on the television.
How to annotate a web page with Edge?
You can add annotations to any web page and save them. Go to the Write a web note button,
located at the top right of the browser interface. Thanks to the small buttons at the top left, you
can then draw on the page using the stylus function, highlight a word or a group of words, insert
a note, or erase your modifications in the event of an error.
Finally, the two buttons on the right offer you to save your annotations for later consultation,
share them by email, OneNote, etc.
How to change the default search engine?
Microsoft Edge offers Bing as the address bar search engine guide by default. You can easily
opt for another engine by going to the […] button at the top right of the browser interface and
clicking on Settings > Show advanced settings. Then select the option Search in the address
bar > Edit. Select one of the default engines and click Set Default.
Microsoft Edge is the default web browser on Windows 10. It was first released on July 29,
2015, and was created to be a lighter browser with a more modern look and feel. Furthermore,
Microsoft Edge is the only browser that offers an eBook reader to read ebooks in PDF format.
Moreover, not all browsers can read PDF files in their native formats